Baby Car Mirror - #1 safest rear view baby seat mirror for rear facing baby seat
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Baby Car Mirror

#1 Safest Rear View Mirror
For Rear Facing Baby Seat

  • Safety Yellow for greater LPV detection
  • Easy install onto car rear seat headrest
  • Fully adjustable with tilt and turn function
  • Anti-judder mount
  • FREE Baby on Board sign
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Why it should be yellow?

Peripheral vision is drawn to YELLOW quicker than any other colour. Grab your baby's reflection at a glance without dragging your attention off the road for more than a moment

Our Baby Car Mirror will alert you...

if your baby has been sick

when your baby fell asleep

if your baby is in direct sunlight

and protect your baby's safety

Why the royal rasal's baby car mirror?

SAFETY YELLOW (maximum safety)
Anti-judder mount (reduces reflection distortion)
Softer rubber frame (safer and sleeker)
360° rotation and tilt (gets the angle you need)
Double straps (stays in place on headrest)
Optimum mirror size (not over or undersized)
Shatterproof Convex Lightweight
What customers are saying...
16,640 children were injured on UK roads in 2014


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